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Gray 100% Alpaca Yarn 3-Ply Sport

Sweet Valley Alpaca Yarn
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Silver Gray 250 yards 3-ply sport. l. This yarn comes from our alpaca “Lizzy Jean” who is the mostly friendly alpaca. She loves to get up and close and smell your face. She is Orca’s girl. Her yarn rates high on the comfortability scale and is so soft to touch. Her yarn won 1St Place at the 2022 National Alpaca show in the spin-off competition in her division. Truly a wonderful yarn with her combination of grays and spots.

Can be used for crochet projects, knitting projects, alpaca sweaters, alpaca socks, alpaca tutorial, alpaca blankets, alpaca beanies, alpaca legwarmers, USA made, luxury yarn, alpaca shawls, alpaca roving.

Content: 100% Alpaca
Yardage: 250 yds (225m)
Skein Weight: 96g
Yarn Weight: 3-ply sport
CARE AND CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS; Hand wash in cool or warm water with very mild detergent. Do not wring.
Roll garment in a towel to remove excess water. Dry flat

Raised in Idaho at Sweet Valley Alpacas

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Product Specs 100% Silver Gray Alpaca
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